Expected Outcomes

The Master List can facilitate the recognition of prior achievement, enhance motivation and promote job satisfaction.

The Competencies List can be used by:

  • Employers/ Managers
  • Employees and individuals
  • Education and training providers

The Competencies List can be used to:

  • Provide managers with a tool for a wide variety of workforce management and quality control
  • Provide a way of identifying gaps in skills and/or knowledge
  • Offer a framework for training and development
  • Describe good practice in particular areas of work
  • Set out a statement of competence which brings together the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to do the work
  • Form a basis for the development of a relevant qualifications framework

Uses for Employers/ Managers

The Master List can be used to form a checklist for Employers which can be used to assist with a range of activities in the workplace, business planning, selection and recruitment:

Business Planning

Employers/managers can use the list as an internal checklist to:

  • Identify and describe the skills they need in their workforce
  • Assess the skills already in their workforce
  • Equip the business with the skills and expertise to deliver a quality product to the highest standards
  • Fill identified gaps in current workforce skills and knowledge
  • Show where further recruitment may be needed

Selection and Recruitment

The Master List can be used to:

  • Form the basis of job descriptions
  • Form the basis of person specifications and job roles
  • Evaluate CVs by providing a reference point to crosscheck qualifications and/or experience required to work on their farm
  • Assist with the identification of potentially suitable employees whose skills and experience complement the identified needs of the business

Education and Training Providers

The Master List can be used to:

  • identify gaps in curricula in available training
  • facilitate the development of focussed courses
  • plan future developments to update courses
  • highlight areas of specialisms for further development
  • tailor education and training to industry needs/demands

Uses for Employees

Employees and potential employees can utilise the Master List

  • To confirm current skills and knowledge, further develop and improve their performance
  • Assess their competence against the job role/specification for their own or other jobs
  • Identify gaps in skills and knowledge or level of competence
  • Identify CPD requirements for their personal and career development
  • Help them seek formal recognition/credit of their work experience